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Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

We maintain a simple, successful formula, where above else, people matter.

That is why FHRD is all about people.

The Natural Home for Human Resources Professionals

FHRD was set up in 1990 to spearhead the evolution of people management and development practices as well as the human resources profession in Malta. The Foundation is an autonomous, private, independent body. The Foundation works in partnership with its corporate members, the professional conglomerate of HR practitioners and service providers, leaders of the industry, and other key local players in the field of human resources management and development.

FHRD offers its own set of professional accredited training programmes related to the world of HR. The programmes have been designed to focus on the practical aspects of the world of work. The Foundation also offers a robust portfolio of academic programmes in the field of management and psychology in partnership with the University of Leicester and a number of specialised academic programmes with highly ranked international universities. Throughout the year, FHRD organises a number of seminars and FORAs dealing with a range of business-related themes, culminating with the annual HR Conference, the largest conference and trade show of its kind in Malta.


It is our vision that the Nation’s workforce is served with the best standards and practices of human resources management; in order to operate at its full potential through rewarding and fulfilling productive activity, in collaboration with others, while generating the best return on investment and prosperity to the country.

  • Promote the Human Resources Profession
  • Promote the best Human Resources practices
  • Create a point of reference for HR Practitioners and Practitioners
  • Promote research-based human resources policies and practices
  • Facilitate networking and provide high quality specialist service provision
  • To be a catalyst for change in the domain of people management
  • Facilitate the improvement in Employer-Employee relationship
  • Provide training programmes to develop HR Practitioners and enhance employee skills
  • Advocate lifelong learning at the place of work and beyond


FHRD is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and developing Human Resources Professionals who make a difference.

  • University of Leicester – we are the local representatives of UoL bringing you a number of academic programmes covering different sectors.
  • Professional Programmes – we encourage learning and growth through various accredited training programmes organises in-house.
  • HR Quality Mark – a standard, developed by FHRD, that recognises organisations for their effective HR practices.
  • HR Pulse Survey – Gathers information from HR Leaders in Malta on key areas which are becoming increasingly important in the management of people and organisations.




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Join Over 200 Members Enjoying FHRD membership Benefits

Become part of FHRD – The Local HR Community

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