Recognising organisations for their HR competence and professionalism.


The HR Quality Mark is a standard, developed by FHRD, that recognises organisations for their effective HR practices.


There is an increasingly greater need for measuring, monitoring,  tracking and understanding how well people are being managed and developed. The HR Quality Mark will give organisations the following:

  • Internal Recognition
  • External Recognition
  • Enhance Employer Brand
  • More attractive to new talent
  • HR Content areas evaluation
  • HR Quality Mark event to promote the certified organisations
  • Sense of achievement for the internal HR team
  • Motivates the HR team to strive for excellence
  • A report identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

The achievement of the FHRD HR Quality Mark recognises the collective effort to strengthen the HR function of FTS, as well as the HR policies and procedures.  FTS operates in a highly competitive labour market where professional employees in our line of work are scarce.  We continuously aim to providing our employees with opportunities for professional growth and development, excellent working conditions, remuneration and other benefits, a comfortable working environment, and improved policies ensuring their wellbeing.  This certification confirms that we put the employees’ interests first.  The rigorous external assessment by FHRD also helped us identify those areas which needed improvement and subsequently an internal action plan was implemented to address these issues.  This certification is also a reassurance to candidates applying to join the organisation as employees.

Jonathan Brimmer – Head Human Resources, FTS

“The HR Quality Mark is an excellent initiative by the Foundation to encourage HR practitioners to upgrade HR practices within their organisations; this initiative highlights the criticality of sound HR practices and provides any organisation with a road map on how to elevate itself through its employees. Teva is proud to be part of this community and we encourage organisations to seek to be audited in the spirit of improvement and recognition.”

Joseph Camilleri – Director, Human Resources, Teva (Actavis Limited)

“The FHRD Quality mark is exceptional for recognizing the standards of People Development and professional HR functions and competence at our Company.  We are proud to be the first Aviation organization within the industry in Malta for achieving the FHRD Quality mark.  In order to build a rewarding experience, you need to understand what matters to your people.  The FHRD Quality mark is the right mechanism to assess and recognize such level.  We are excited to form part of this amazing community in Malta, whereby promoting the importance of Human Resource.  It is extremely motivating that our team managed to participate and receive this achievement.’’

Robert Fenech - Group Human Resources Director, AirXCharter Limited

“The Quality Mark process was very helpful in allowing us to identify our strong points, and to understand how we can continue to improve upon our practices and systems. Our commitment remains to our people, and to creating a work environment that is conducive to their wellbeing and development. We truly worked as a team and achieved this milestone with the work and efforts of every employee at AMSM, and it is an award that we should all be proud of.”

Amanda Cini - Senior HR Manager , AMSM

“Gasan Group is proud to have successfully achieved the FHRD HR Quality Mark for two of its major companies – Mekanika Ltd and GasanZammit Motors Ltd. This certification recognises the professional and efficient HR practices and procedures adopted by the Group’s HR function and the positive results have served as a great motivator for all the team. Moreover, the process of obtaining the certification has given us the insight and opportunity to assess our operations and work towards achieving future growth. This collective achievement has validated and strengthened the Group’s commitment and investment towards its greatest asset – its People!”

Sarah Grixti - Group HR Manager, Gasan Group

“Participating and successfully obtaining the FHRD Quality Mark has been a wonderful learning experience for the HR team. Ensuring that we are up to standard for such an exercise, ultimately led to further developing and implementing new initiatives that improved the overall HR function. The evaluation process was a great measure for us, to be proud of what we have achieved to date however also understanding the challenges that lie ahead!”

Naomi Barry - HR Manager, Fenlex Corporate Services

“We’ve always known that our people are important to us, but getting the certification makes it official! The certification serves as recognition of the professionalism, competence and contribution of Finaro’s HR practices and operations. Not only is this a massive indication that when it comes to HR, we’re doing the things that matter most to our team, but it denotes our commitment to placing HR practices at the centre of the business through the implementation of various policies and strategies – imperative for attracting and retaining talent.”

Victoria Meli – VP Global HR Operations & Compensation, Finaro

“Receiving the FHRD HR Quality Mark is something that we are incredibly proud of, within the HR team and in the wider company. However, the FHRD award is about so much more than recognition; we found that the evaluation process itself was both useful and enlightening. Going over each of the areas in detail with the FHRD, reflecting and discussing what we should continue doing, where and how we could improve was incredibly valuable. The result – the HRQM certificate – strengthens our motivation to continuously improve our HR processes and how we develop our employees.”

Stephanie Cacopardo – HR Manager, Melita

“Achieving the FHRD Quality Mark confirms that we are on the right track which further acknowledges and recognises the hard work that has been carried out so far. The HR department is proud of the foundations that it has built and will do its utmost to improve in areas that have been identified through this process. The Quality Mark not only motivates each one of us at St John’s Co-Cathedral but also gives us a greater sense of pride of being part of an organisation that is truly committed to its employees.”

Kevin Attard – HR & Administration Manager, The St. John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation

“Participating in the FHRD Quality Mark has been a great motivator for our HR team, who are very passionate about providing the best practices in human resources. The certification achievement endorses our commitment to strengthen and improve our HR practices and procedures since the Archbishop’s Curia – Archdiocese of Malta, constantly seeks to ensure that its staff members are provided with the right work environment and development opportunities. We are very proud that we have achieved the award, as a recognition for the efforts of our HR team.”

Rebecca Gatt – HR Director, Archbishop’s Curia – Archdiocese of Malta

“Participating in the FHRD Quality Mark has been a great motivator for our HR team, who are very passionate about providing the best practices in human resources. The certification achievement endorses our commitment to strengthen and improve our HR practices and procedures since the Archbishop’s Curia – Archdiocese of Malta, constantly seeks to ensure that its staff members are provided with the right work environment and development opportunities. We are very proud that we have achieved the award, as a recognition for the efforts of our HR team.”

Joseph Schembri – CEO , EUPA

“Our main aim is to create a high-quality client-oriented organization. This last year has been a challenge to all of us. Developing a client-facing strategy when faced with a pandemic situation meant that we have to look at new methods of how we can serve clients in the most effective and best way possible. It is our intention to apart from making Jobsplus a great place to work, we will also continue to invest in our human resources potential so that our employees will be even more successful”.

Dr. Ing Chris Micallef MQR Department Manager – People Management, Jobsplus

“Farsons Group is proud to have achieved the HR Quality Mark for four of its companies. The Group has long been established and recognised as a leading employer on the island, spearheading changes in the field of HR management and development. The Group seeks to ensure that its people, whom it considers to be its greatest asset, are given the right environment, development opportunities, fair employment conditions and benefits as well as opportunities for growth and development and a growing focus on wellbeing so that performance can be optimised, and motivation enhanced. The recognition given by the HR Quality Mark belongs to all the Farsons team of whom the Group is very proud. Engaging and delivering talent and empowering employees to deliver sustainable and quality driven operations is embedded in the vision of the Farsons Group.”

Antoinette Caruana – Group HR Manager & Company Secretary, Farsons Group

“Hilton Malta has participated in the FHRD Quality Mark earlier this year. It was great to have external HR professionals validate the efforts and investment in People within our hotel operations. The pride in obtaining the certification was amplified by the fact that it was obtained in the middle of the COVID-19 crises, which has had severe negative impacts on our industry. The FHRD quality mark process has also provided us with invaluable insights and best practices for future growth and innovations. We highly recommend the participation in the FHRD quality mark so that together as a business community we can raise the quality of the People Management discipline in Malta.”

Annika Galea – Director, Human Resources, Hilton Malta

“The HR Quality Mark enhances the MBR’s employer branding and serves as an external, national recognition that raises our standards. This was a very encouraging result for the MBR indeed, and a collective achievement for which all MBR employees should be proud of, and proud to work within such an organisation. The HR Quality Mark is not granted permanently and the MBR cannot stand on its own laurels. Considering that Human Resource Management is an ever-evolving subject, such an achievement inspires the HR Team to continue striving to reach and sustain an exceptional approach to Human Resource management.”

George Spiteri – Head of the Human Resources and Development Unit, MBR

“In line with Calamatta Cuschieri Group mission statement, our human resources are key for the group’s success. Currently the group is passing through a stage of growth and diversification, thus the importance and energy being invested to ensure the right systems and structures, are in place to cater for such growth and ensure the right and constant support is provided to our people globally during their working experience with the group. The HR Quality audit by FHRD provided us a benchmark of such processes as well as identified areas to develop further to ensure sustainable operations within HR. It also provides assurance to new people joining the group as well as other external stakeholders, the standards practiced by the organization. ”

Nicholas Schembri – Chief Human Resources , Calamatta Cuschieri

“Following an evaluation conducted by the FHRD, the team in Malta supported by the wider HR Group has been awarded the National HR Quality Mark for our effective practices in the field of Human Resources. This certification denotes De La Rue’s commitment to placing HR practices at the center of its business through the implementation of various policies and strategies. We are honoured to have been recognised for our efforts by an organisation as esteemed as the FHRD.”

Caroline Zammit – Human Resources Manager, De La Rue

“Having our efforts acknowledged and appreciated in the field of HR is always a great honor. The HR Quality Mark evaluation process was a great measure for us to understand how we can keep on improving the way we manage and develop people within our organization. Through hard work and dedication we are committed to keep strengthening our work in the People field.”

Marie Theobald – Chief People Officer, Hero Gaming

The FHRD HR Quality Mark recognises and supports Aġenzija Żgħażagħ’s commitment to placing human resources at the core of its organisation. Aġenzija Żgħażagħ firmly believes that investing in human capital enhances its performance and enables it to reach out to more young people. The HR Quality Mark motivates and empowers Aġenzija Żgħażagħ to promote further and nurture the concept of continuous learning and development. This helps the organisation fulfil its mission and expand its impact.

Rowena Marie Borg – Head Corporate Services, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ

“Achieving the HRQM certification for our organisation has been a great opportunity. It not only recognizes and acknowledges the work and effort of our People, it also allowed us to assess and measure specific HR pillars in giving us a deeper understanding of our best practices. As a team we then used the results and analysis to support us in continuing to strengthen those practices and procedures. I certainly encourage any organisation interested in strengthening their HR practices to consider achieving the certification.”

Sarah Mifsud – Chief People Officer, GO

The FHRD HR Quality Mark is indeed a valuable recognition that acknowledges the hard work and genuine commitment towards effective HR practices within an organisation. By obtaining this recognition, Nectar can demonstrate to both its employees, our external stakeholders, and the public that it upholds high standards in HR practices and is dedicated to creating a positive and rewarding working environment.  The HR Quality Mark is not just about the audit itself, but also about recognising and rewarding the efforts made over the years. This recognition can significantly enhance Nectar’s employer branding, attracting potential talent and further improve our reputation in the local market. Moreover, we are confident that this award can act as a motivating factor for employees to keep striving for excellence, knowing that their efforts are recognised and valued.

It goes without saying that this special recognition is a team’s effort involving the entire organisation, from senior management to every employee. Special recognition goes towards our HR Team for their role in implementing effective HR practices, but credit should be extended to all employees, our superheroes, who contribute to maintaining a positive work culture and driving our company towards success.

Mark Bugeja – Head of HR, Nectar Group

Our first year being audited for the HR Quality Mark gave us immediate insight on the value of the certification. Through its initial exercise we understood further ways we can continue improving our HR practices and address new ones to help the organisation and our team members grow to their full potential. As a company we aim to put our people first, and the HR Quality Mark will continue supporting us in order to serve our purpose when it comes to our team, which is that of providing the best possible experience and make each person feel valued.”

Lorraine Borg - Head Of Brand & Culture Executive Assistant To CEO, The Concept Stadium

It is an honour to have The Westin Dragonara Resort recognized by FHRD for its best practices in the culture it cultivates amongst its people.  We take passion & pride in supporting our teams & individuals to grow professionally & personally and to deliver great results in our business.  Attaining the HR Quality Mark is a further testament to our commitment towards offering enriching work experiences.

Michelle Fenech Seguna – Director of Human Resources, The Westin Dragonara Resort


The aim of the HR Quality Mark is to recognise organisations that place HR at the centre of their business through the implementation of various policies and strategies which include the following:

  • Strategy
  • Talent
  • Engagement
  • Career
  • Efficiency
  • Relations

The Quality Mark is not a competition between organisations but encourages all organisations, irrelevant of size and sector, to assess their HR practices. This means that there are no restrictions or rankings on how many organisations can achieve this award, as long as the HR criteria set by FHRD are reached. The Quality Mark serves as a process to guide organisations on how to improve their HR practices.

1. Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for the HR Quality Mark, organisations must have at least 10 full-time employees registered with Jobsplus. Applicants must be fully compliant with all the statutory obligations. The organisation and its people must show they follow ethical standards in their line of business.

2. Application

In order to apply for the HR Quality Mark, interested organisations are to complete an online application form (per legal entity), as well as pay the HRQM application fee and the respective FHRD Membership fee for the current year.

3. Vetting of Application

FHRD will acknowledge applications received and then verify each application for eligibility.

4. Review Process

FHRD will appoint two evaluators for each application. These evaluators will visit the organisation and subsequently compile a technical report and submit it to FHRD. The report will include recommendations for improvement.

Successful organisations will be awarded the HR Quality Mark Certification based on a marking system tied to a set of questions and evidence produced relating to the six content areas, with a pass mark of 75% in each content area.

5. Success

An HR Quality Mark award ceremony will take place after every intake to celebrate those successful organisations deserving of this award. A memento for the HR Quality Mark will be given to each successful organisation during the award ceremony.

Join Over 40 Organisations that achieved the HR Quality Mark

Obtain the HR Quality Mark Standard, developed by FHRD, that recognises organisations for their effective HR Practices.


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