The ability to speak effectively in every business or social situation can have an extraordinary effect on one’s life. Knowing that one can influence and inspire others in a variety of ways, will have a great sense of personal power and accomplishment. A strong public speaking ability is vital to one’s success. It can bring participants to the attention of people who can help and open doors. It can reward one with better job opportunities and faster promotions. The best news of all is that these skills are learnable!

The Level 5 Public Speaking Award aims at providing participants the opportunity to develop public speaking skills necessary to effectively present speeches, address meetings and lead discussions. Through the practice of dynamic techniques, participants will be able to leave a great impact on their audience. Participants will develop their public speaking competence by learning about specific techniques that enable them to speak with confidence and clarity. They will build professional stage presence by applying vocal variety and effective body-language as well as discover effective speech opening and closing techniques.

This course supports professionals occupying various leadership and/ or managerial roles where spoken communication is required. These can include Senior Leadership Executives, Department Managers, HR Professionals, Education & Training Professionals. It also supports executives occupying roles that involve spoken communication with clients including sales professionals.

  • Mode of Delivery: Fully face-to-face
  • Location: FHRD 5, Clock Tower Building Tigne’ Point, Sliema TP01, Malta
  • Number of Modules: Four
  • Mode of Attendance: Part-time
  • Programme Duration: 4 sessions of 4 hours each
  • Language: English

I had the pleasure of participating in FHRD’s accredited Public Speaking Course delivered by Michelle. It was one of the most enjoyable and interactive learning experiences I’ve had. Michelle was excellent at fostering an environment that makes for active participation and engagement in the training programme. Her delivery of the sessions is not only very instructive and on point, but she manages to explain the concepts in a very practicable and applied manner. I personally found her approach to be inspirational, as she managed to help me build the confidence to push myself in an area I never felt was my strongest suit. The practical sessions, with follow-up discussions, were truly helpful and the training material highly intuitive and makes for a great point of reference for anyone wishing to prepare themselves for an important speech. I would recommend Michelle as a public speaking trainer to anyone wishing to become a more confident speaker, no matter the setting or interpersonal interaction they find themselves in.

Simon Caruana

Funding Options

This Training Programme is Eligible for a tax refund under the Get Qualified Scheme offered by Malta Enterpise.

This Training Programme is Eligible for funding under the Jobs Plus ‘Investing in Skills Scheme’.