Every organisation is today faced with the need to create competitive advantage through leveraging employees’ capabilities. This programme will introduce participants to the function of HR and its impact on the business strategy and overall achievement of objectives. It is also targeted to non-human resources practitioners such as supervisors / managers who seek to expand competencies in the field of people management. Human Resources Management is increasingly being devolved to each supervisors’ and managers’ role and this programme is designed to address the needs of these professionals also.

The Level 5 Human Resources Management & Training Award aims at providing participants with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the core functions and areas within the HR profession namely organisation design & HR strategies, talent management, training and employee relations. It will enable participants to develop the necessary skills for added efficiency within their role at work and add value to the HR function within their organization. This programme comes with an edge. It supports the participant to further surface one’s people skills, becoming a full-service generalist who can provide leading-edge solutions in all facets of the HR functionality, from recruitment processes to performance management, training and introducing best practices in line with organisational exigencies.

Participants will be covering areas related to:

  • Organisational theory
  • Nature of the work and Management
  • Principles and processes of selection
  • Tools and techniques for selection
  • Interviewing and evaluation techniques
  • Performance Management systems
  • Key performance indicators
  • Basic legislation pertaining to employment and industrial relations
  • Customary practices in employment and industrial relations
  • EU Directives and Regulations related to employment and industrial relations
  • Link between the law and practice in relation to employment

This programme is for individuals who are looking to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of HRM and Training. Those new to the field of HRM and Training or who have just started working in the field. The programme is also targeted at supervisors/managers who seek to expand their knowledge in the field of people management.

  • Mode of Delivery: Fully face-to-face
  • Location: FHRD 5, Clock Tower Building Tigne’ Point, Sliema TP01, Malta
  • Number of Modules: Four
  • Mode of Attendance: Part-time
  • Programme Duration: 16 sessions of 2 hours each held twice weekly
  • Language: English

My experience during the Human Resources Management & Training award was a very positive one. It is an award that provides a very good foundation in the topic and is ideal for anyone who wants to solidify his knowledge on Human Resources. The tutors encouraged discussions amongst the students which made me feel more engaged. The topics discussed provided new perspectives and ideas that can be applied at any place of work.

Naomi Attard

I am very happy I studied with FHRD – the school staff was always approachable and friendly. The lecturers were professional and well-prepared and the sessions were always very interactive and fun, making the learning experience an efficient but fun one. FHRD were happy to accommodate our request and made studying possible even during times were social distance was required.

Dr Raiza Borg Carr

This course was very interesting, informative and very helpful for my job and I learnt a lot from it. I found it very suitable for my day to day tasks I am given at the place of work. The course was very well-structured and well researched. I think that this course has increased my competences. The tutors were very knowledgeable and explained in depth each module.

Danica Gauci

Funding Options

This Training Programme is Eligible for a tax refund under the Get Qualified Scheme offered by Malta Enterpise.

This Training Programme is Eligible for funding under the Jobs Plus ‘Investing in Skills Scheme’.