The Level 5 Training the Trainer Award is aimed at those who frequently need to develop training programmes and deliver presentations. Throughout the course participants will be able to learn how to create their own training programmes and deliver them in a successful and effective manner. The course will equip participants with the essential skills and techniques to enable them to identify training needs, plan, design and deliver training.

The Level 5 programme has been structured to allow participants the flexibility of enhancing one’s competences while balancing family and work commitments. It includes a merging of technical and people skills that would certainly come in handy to any trainer or aspiring trainer.

The Training the Trainer Award provides the opportunity to acquire a vast range of skills that are aimed to enhance human capital at work.

The aim of the course is to create Trainers that are: focused, creative, enthusiastic, encouraging, consistent, patient, authentic and credible. The participants will learn how to be more confident during their presentations, how to engage the participants in an effective and productive manner and how to adjust their training techniques to the type of audience that is in front of them.

Participants will be covering areas related to:

  • What and why training
  • The learning process
  • Identify individual and organisational requirements for training
  • Planning & designing training
  • Preparing for the delivery
  • The training delivery
  • Evaluating training: Assessment types and methods

Persons working in small, medium or large organisations who are responsible for training and or deliver training and trainers who need to enhance their training skills.

  • Mode of Delivery: Fully face-to-face
  • Location: FHRD 5, Clock Tower Building Tigne’ Point, Sliema TP01, Malta
  • Number of Modules: Three
  • Mode of Attendance: Part-time
  • Programme Duration: 11 sessions of 3 hours each held once weekly
  • Language: English

My experience with FHRD was a positive one. I attended to Training the Trainer as well as Human Resources Management & Training and both courses were very interesting and relevant to my job and today’s business needs. Tutors were very committed, knowledgeable, and always available to answer any queries the group had. Even though sessions were done online, they well organized and tutors still made discussions easy. I met different people coming from different work environments and I learnt from different personalities. Thank you to FHRD and all the staff!

Maria Pisani

The TTT course provided a great overview and structure to understand how training should be delivered. I’ve always been passionate about delivering training and this course equipped me with the tools and mindset that one needs to have to deliver any kind of training. I enjoyed the fact that we were a small group so we could discuss and share personal stories, situations and insights enhancing our learning experience even more.

Elizabeth Pulo

Funding Options

This Training Programme is Eligible for a tax refund under the Get Qualified Scheme offered by Malta Enterpise.

This Training Programme is Eligible for funding under the Jobs Plus ‘Investing in Skills Scheme’.