About the Survey

Each year, the HR Pulse Survey, a collaboration between PwC Malta and the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD), delves into the HR challenges and aspirations shaping local organisations. As workplace dynamics evolve globally, this year’s ninth edition of the survey focuses on the intricate intersections between the current realities facing organisations and how these translate into priorities for their future.

The survey expansively covered several crucial HR areas by inviting respondents to assess statements from two different lenses. Firstly, by thinking about their organisation today and responding based on the present moment. Secondly, by assessing the same statement based on how important it is to the future of their organisation. These different areas included:

  • the way organisations plan for the future,
  • understanding the essence of 21st-century skills,
  • exploring the collaboration between brains and bots,
  • deciphering the complexities of the talent market,
  • establishing fairness and equity in organisational practices,
  • emphasising the critical role of inclusivity,
  • prioritising employee wellbeing,
  • envisioning a modern and cohesive work environment,
  • delving into the evolving landscape of the future of learning
  • the emerging emphasis on becoming a sustainability-conscious employer.

The findings offer a lens through which the prevailing trends in Malta’s work ecosystem can be observed. They also provide valuable insights to enable organisations to navigate today’s complexities skilfully and strategically plan their trajectory for the near future.