Guest blog post by FHRD Member, Deloitte Malta.

Deloitte Malta has recently launched the first edition of Women @ Work 2023: A Local Outlook, emulating Deloitte Global’s now established annual survey. The objective of launching the survey locally is to be able to gather data and provide insights in respect of working women. Findings from the research will provide important insight and comparatives for Malta that may not be necessarily available today. The aim of this survey is to also support organisations in helping them to understand how to improve the overall experience for women in the workplace, thereby allowing them to build a truly inclusive and supportive culture, in which women of all backgrounds are given equal opportunities to progress with their careers.

The Deloitte Global report shows some much-needed improvement compared to the alarming picture last year when it comes to burnout, non-inclusive behaviours and exclusion when hybrid working, however the data for each of these areas still remains concerning. And this sits alongside a lack of improvement – or worsening – in other areas.

Key highlights of the global survey include:

  • This year’s report shows glimpses of improvement. While still areas for significant concern, rates of burnout dropped, fewer experienced non-inclusive behaviours, and women are reporting more positive experiences with hybrid work over the past year.
  • Women continue to feel uncomfortable talking about mental and personal health challenges in the workplace, with many struggling with menstruation and menopause symptoms in silence.
  • Many working women bear the greater responsibility for domestic tasks and feel they need to prioritise their partner’s careers over their own.
  • More women worldwide left their jobs in the last 12 months than in 2021 and 2020 combined, citing a lack of flexibility among the top reasons.

By running the survey locally, it will be possible to see how findings from Malta compare with the responses to the global survey, that is comprised of data drawn from 5,000 working women across 10 countries.

The local survey is completely voluntary and anonymous and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. All responses will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to help gain a better understanding of the experiences of women in the workplace.

We encourage participation of women in the workplace to provide their input to the local survey to obtain meaningful results. The survey link can be accessed here and shall remain open until 2 June 2023.

For further details please contact Caroline Cassar Reynaud,  or visit the dedicated webpage for further details.

Short Bio


Caroline Cassar Reynaud is the People & Purpose Leader for Deloitte Malta and responsible for the people function within Deloitte Malta. Caroline joined Deloitte Malta in 1998 and was admitted to partner in 2016. Among her remit, Caroline is responsible for overseeing various local initiatives to support Deloitte Malta’s diversity and inclusion strategy in collaboration with the Diversity & Inclusion team.


Cristina Zammit Cutajar joined Deloitte in January 2022 and is a Manager within the People & Purpose team with a specific focus on diversity and inclusion activities within Deloitte Malta. Cristina focuses her efforts on ensuring the successful implementation of the activities that the Deloitte Malta rolls out on an annual basis surrounding diversity and inclusion. Cristina is also responsible for collaborating with the Global Deloitte network to ensure that Deloitte in Malta remains aligned to overseas activities in this regard.