MSc Occupational Pschology
University of Leicester
MSc Occupational Psychology distance learning course is for those students who have a BPS accredited undergraduate psychology degree and may be seeking Chartership as an Occupational Psychologist. The MSc in Occupational Psychology is accredited by the British Psychological Society. The course aims to equip psychology graduates with the necessary knowledge base to move towards becoming a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. This knowledge includes not only the appreciation of theory and fact, but also an awareness of the strengths and limitations of research evidence. In addition to this, the methodologies used by occupational psychologists to gather and interpret evidence are covered. You will engage with issues of practice, through the practical material presented in each module area. You will develop your research skills through the inclusion of case-based assessments.
MSc Psychology of Work
University Of Leicester
The principle aim of the MSc Psychology of Work is to equip you with a sound knowledge of a broad range of topics in occupational psychology, including an understanding of the role of psychology in work organisations. This knowledge includes the appreciation of theory and current quality research.A particular feature of the course is its emphasis on helping you to see howthis knowledge can be applied to the workplace. In addition to this, the course looks at the methodologies used by practicing occupational psychologists when they are analysing and tackling problems in organisations. You will learn how to interpret situations and identify those where psychological expertise can be of bene t to an organisation and its employees. The course is a distance learning programme, your learning materials are accessed completely online at any time of the day. Distance learning with the School of Psychology means studying in your own time on a part-time basis, so you can combine achieving a qualification with work or family commitments.
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