Neuroscience Masterclass And Practitioner Accreditation Programme - My Brain
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
This April, MyBrain International will be running a 3-day practitioner accreditation programme in Sliema. 
The programme will cover the following:
  • Neuroscience: An insight into your amazing brain,  how it grows, develops and matures to make you into the person you are.
  • The foundations of personality: A look at how contemporary neuroscientific research has enabled us to create a unifying theory which explains the interface between the physiology of the brain and the psychology of a person.
  • The making of Mind: Details of the research that led to the development of the Mind instrument, the world's first and only neurometric. 
  • Mind applications:We will explore the ways in which MiND instrument, the world's first and only neurometric.
  • Working for you: Practical sessions to assist you in applying neuroscience and MiND to your work. 
By the end of the programme you will be a Certified MyBrain Practitioner. You will have all the knowledge, tools and materials necessary to run highly engaged and effective workshops. You will also have a fully scripted set of PowerPoint slides you can use for stand-alone workshops or to integrate with your own training materials, and access to our online Practitioner's portal. 
For bookings and more information about the programme contact us on 21313550 or e-mail 
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