MSc Human Resources Management & Training
University of Leicester
This programme provides an insight into human resource management and training within the context of organisations at a national and international level. You will study the way in which employee and organisational development are closely related to HR topics such as recruitment, performance appraisal, teamwork and motivation. The MSc in Human Resource Management and Training will equip you with the professional knowledge and skills to engage critically with theories and practices around training and learning in the workplace and the role of the human resources practitioner. Most HR practitioners in Malta are past or current students of University of Leicester.
BSc Human Resources Management
University of Leicester
If you are in possession of a diploma and have enough work experience you can enroll for the final year of the BSc which has a duration period of 19 months. This program gives you the opportunity to not only build on the theories but also to focus in-depth on some of the key issues within human resource management today. By selecting which modules you wish to study, you can tailor the course to your interests and career objectives. This programme is assessed through 3,000-4,000 word assignments. The Research Methods module requires you to put together a dissertation of 9,000 words based on independent supervised research.
Diploma in Human Resources Management
University of Leicester
This programme is a fully distance learning programme with a duration period of 19 months. The Diploma is the 2nd level of the the Bachelor and inteneded for HR and Training practitioners with at least three years’ work experience. This is deal for you If you wish to enchance your existing skils and knowledge through the application of theory to practice. This course has six modules.
Certificate in Human Resources Management
University of Leicester
This programme will introduce you to some of the key functions and theories within HRM and HR training in organisations. Learning at work as well as the current debates within education, training and skills is also covered. The certificate is first level of the full BSc programme in HR. If you have an A’Level standard and you have been working in a relevant field for at least three years this is the course for you. This level is completed in 19 months.
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