HR Quality Mark

Would you like to benchmark your Organisation’s HR Practices and be recognized for it?


What is the HR Quality Mark?

FHRD has embarked on a process of introducing an HR Quality Mark in Malta. Similar to other quality marks that exists around the world, the idea is to have a system of recognising, for a period of time, the achievements of the entity in the field of HR. The Quality Mark is not permanent and will need to be maintained every 3 years.

The objective of the HR Quality Mark is to encourage entities to invest in their human resources practices in order to attract, engage and retain a productive and talented workforce, thereby generating business returns.  By applying and receiving the HR Quality Mark, entities are recognising the professionalism, the competence and the contribution that the Human Resource function delivers in every organisation.


What are the expected benefits of obtaining the HR Quality Mark?

There is an increasingly greater need today for measuring, monitoring, tracking and understanding how well people are being managed and developed, and by obtaining the HR Quality Mark, organisations will benefit by having:

-   External Recognition

-   HR content areas will be benchmarked with other companies in Malta

-    HR Quality Mark event to promote the certified organisations

-    Internal Recognition

-    Sense of achievement for internal HR team

-    Boosts team’s morale in recognition of hard work

-    Enhance Employer Brand

-    More attractive to new talent

-    Detailed Report

-   HR Quality Mark evaluators will issue a report identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses


HR Content Areas

The aim of the HR Quality Mark is to recognise entities who place HR at the centre of their business through the implementation of various policies and strategies related, detailed using the following HR Content Areas:

   -    HR Policies & Practices

   -   Recruitment, Selection & Talent Management

   -   Compensation, Benefits & Total Rewards

   -   Employment & Industrial Relations

   -   Performance Management

   -    HR Information Systems

   -   People Development & Training

It is important to note that the aim of this quality mark is not to create a competitive award but to encourage all entities irrelevant of size and sector to invest in their HR practices. This means that there are no restrictions or rankings on how many entities can achieve this award, as long as the minimum criteria are reached. The scope of the quality mark is not to restrict entities from attaining the quality mark. Rather it can serve as a process whereby entities also receive guidance on how to improve their HR practices. 

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