FHRD Hosts the EAPM Executive Committee Meeting in Malta
Thursday, February 12, 2015

This meeting, organised by the Executive Committee, the executive body of the Association, is held annually in different country members of the EAPM.

The Association is an umbrella body of national organisations representing Human Resources (HR) professionals and people management. Its aim is to facilitate exchange of knowledge without profit-related objectives. Moreover the EAPM is independent of all employers, trade unions, state or political bodies.

The EAPM was founded in 1962 by the national associations and professional institutions of personnel management in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. By 1989 the number of full member countries increased from the four founding member countries to sixteen member countries. To date there are 28 country members, each represented by its national association or professional institute of personnel management. Malta is one of the country members and is represented by the FHRD. 

The EAPM strives to continuously promote and develop knowledge pertaining to people management issues and HR activities. The Association also advocates the importance of people management and HR activities to organisations within the public and private sector and to commerce. In line with this strategy and its objectives the EAPM organises conferences, congresses and study visits annually.

Please email us for further information about EAPM and/or FHRD.

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