Membership Benefits
Membership is split into three distinct categories, each encompassing tailored resources for the entity concerned:
Individual Membership
Associate Membership
Corporate Membership
Membership under any scheme entitles you to access a number of services offered by our organisation. The Foundation bestows both direct and indirect benefits to its members through various means, such as:
• Plentiful opportunities to network, share ideas and discuss with other HR professionals.
• The networking of products, services and expertise between members as co-ordinated by FHRD.
• The liberty to input ideas and raise issues which need to be addressed in the field of human resources management and development at both an organisational and the national level.
• The commissioning of research projects on important issues affecting employment organisations, whereby results are fed back to members.
• A multitude of seminars and training activities at reduced rates, boasting professional speakers on subjects directly related to promoting best practice in human resource management.
• Exclusive free participation at the HR fora every quarter, featuring diverse themes and specialist guest speakers for every edition.
• Attractively discounted rates for in-house corporate training, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses, the national annual HR Conference, the annual Malta People Awards, and FHRD’s accredited courses at MQF Level 3, 4 and 5.
• Free participation for the first session of FHRD’s accredited courses at MQF Level 3, 4 and 5 and a 15% discount for the remainder of the programmes.
• The opportunity to partake in local and international HR surveys.
• Use of the FHRD Training Room for in-house corporate training.
• Use of the FHRD Board Room to host company meetings and job interviews.
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