Membership Benefits
Membership with FHRD encompasses an attractive set of benefits, and is the top choice for professional organisations seeking to keep in touch with the Foundation's numerous happenings and offerings
Membership is split into two distinct categories, each encompassing tailored resources for the entity concerned:
Individual Membership Corporate Membership
Membership under any scheme entitles you to access a number of services offered by our organisation. The Foundation bestows both direct and indirect benefits to its members through various means, such as:
•  Plentiful opportunities to network, share ideas and discuss with other HR professionals.
•  The networking of products, services and expertise between members as co-ordinated by FHRD.
• The liberty to input ideas and raise issues which need to be addressed in the field of human resources             management and development at both an organisational and the national level.
• The commissioning of research projects on important issues affecting employment organisations, whereby          results are fed back to members.
• A multitude of seminars and training activities at reduced rates, boasting professional speakers on subjects     directly related to promoting best practice in human resource management.
•  Exclusive free participation at the HR fora every quarter, featuring diverse themes and specialist guest speakers      for every edition.
• Attractively discounted rates for in-house corporate training, Continuous Professional Development (CPD)     courses, the national annual HR Conference, the annual Malta People Awards, and FHRD’s accredited courses      at MQF Level 3, 4 and 5.
• Free participation for the first session of FHRD’s accredited courses at MQF Level 3, 4 and 5 and a 15%     discount for the remainder of the programmes.
•  The opportunity to partake in local and international HR surveys.
•  Use of the FHRD Training Room for in-house corporate training.
•  Use of the FHRD Board Room to host company meetings and job interviews.
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